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Seychelles Plan your stay

Seychelles Plan your stay

Easily plan your stay in the Seychelles from Beau Vallon Beach on Mahé and beyond. 
Enjoy the best our dreamy beautiful Islands have to offer!

Like our property, our 'no frills' website & blog feature the Essentials, just what you need to know by a local travel expert.

We trust you will find this simple tool super useful!

We look forward to your stay with us.

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11 Jul 2024

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Beau Vallon Best time to stay
21 May 2024

When is the best time to stay at Beau Vallon?

The Seychelles enjoy an equatorial, tropical climate. An average 8 hours of sunshine, temperature of 29 degrees with hot, sunny days and warm crystal-clear waters make Seychelles a year-round destination.

With it's protected setting north-west of Mahé, the bay of Beau Vallon is an all year round area, therefore always a good choice. For a perfect beach holiday, the best time is from February to November.
The rainiest months are usually December and January.

The weather in Seychelles is influenced... read more

How to get to Seychelles
20 May 2024

All international flights land on the main island Mahé.

Although a handful arrive by sea, most people both local and visitors get to the Seychelles by air, arriving at the Seychelles International Airport on the main island of Mahé.

Here is the link with the most current information on air access to Seychelles Once you have determined the closest place you will be travelling from or via, do a quick search of flight code for the airline if not on the list below: 

QR  Qatar Airways (Doha)

EK ... read more

What to pack for Seychelles, the Essentials
20 May 2024

2 bikinis + 1 dress (or the equivalent) = pretty much all you really need! 
However, here is a check-list of other basic items to consider:

Seychelles packing check-list

1. Any medication you use (carry by hand)
2. Sunscreen (reef friendly)
3. Sunglasses & Hat
4. Summer Light clothing 
5. A pair of flip flops. Trainers if you plan to do nature walks or sports.
6. A Beach bag. Back pack for nature trails/hiking & small water proof bag for boat trips.
7. Snorkelling equipment (mask & tube, flippers optional)
8. UV bathing shirt (if you are... read more

Closer to community: Best places to eat on Mahe
19 May 2024

Everyone's taste is different. Here are our current recommendations for the best places to eat in Beau Vallon and beyond.

Discover delicious Creole cuisine as well as our favourites picks, closer to community. Plus bonus beach view as stated!

Many places have an option for vegan or special meal requirements. Click below for Menus. We update our chalk board regularly, so you can be sure of the spots selected.

 Want to do a tour of Mahe? Click here for our proposed Itinerary



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