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A Seychelles' tourism pioneer

A Seychelles' tourism pioneer

One of the very first Guesthouses opened in Seychelles, our well-established and reknowned tourism business was founded on the formula of simple comforts plus old-school Creole hospitality. The road that goes up past the property was even named after our guesthouse, Panorama Road, as is the area now.

NEW Just completed in December 2021, our new green building houses 2-bedroom/2-bathroom holiday Apartments for 4 persons. Under the concept of an environmentally friendly building, using eco-friendly processes, all the material used for our new building can be recycled at the end of it’s lifespan.

What many businesses are returning to, has always been our model. It is simply our islander way of living.

Run by a Seychellois family who pride themselves in local knowledge, reliability and value privacy. This means you can be assured of having someone to assist or guide you at any time to ensure your stay is a most enjoyable one.

We look forward to your stay with us in Paradise!

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